Cold/Flu Remedy: Hot Grapefruit Juice

Strep has been ruled out, but the flu was not.  Drew was kicked out of school with a nasty virus on Thursday morning (running a temp of 102), by late evening Joel had come down with it, and by mid-day Friday, I started to feel it coming on.  Up until 6pm Sunday, Aiden was the last healthy Wood standing…throw that out the window.

We are all miserably sick and un-antibiotic-able.  Our sore throats are keeping us from being able to eat much, the amount of snot produced in this house this weekend alone could fill a swimming pool (ewww, gross!),  and all I want is my mom.  I don’t crave the traditional chicken noodle soup, but put a bowl of her hot steaming rice soup, or traditional Chinese chicken congee (chicken soup with rice, fried garlic chips, scallions and lime juice) in front of me and I’m in sickie heaven.

She also makes this hot, yes, I said HOT grapefruit juice that soothes my throat, hydrates me and makes me feel full when I can’t get a meal down.  We’re talking serious fiber, vitamin C and potassium all in one.  Mom’s concoction, Dad’s muscle; I told you – they are my dynamic duo.

Lucky me; 5lb bags were on sale this weekend.

Double lucky me; they are Texas Sweets.  Taking it from my sister-in-law, Amanda, there is nothing sweeter & juicier than Texas pink grapefruits in season.

Find your juicer.  I’m old school.  This manual juicer has been in the Chan household for 10 or 15 years (yep, snaked it from Mom & Dad for authenticity).  An electric juicer works just as well.

Let the kids play around with ‘em.  I tell them to roll them around, go bowling, play catch.  This helps soften them up and let the juices flow.



(Please disregard any drool or buggers here, these kids were seriously sick this weekend!)



And don’t judge my child labor tactics – I am super sick here, and reserving my strength for juicing by hand!  Maybe it’s the extra elbow grease’s worth of love that makes this so soothing…

This deliciousness is just fine straight up, but then it’s not quite Mom & Dad’s remedy.

Once your grapefruits are juiced, turn your tap water on hot; get your sugar bowl and a spoon.


Pour the juice into a cup, remove any seeds that made it through the sieve, add hot water, top with sugar and stir.


Serve through a stainless steel straw for easier consumption if your throat is really tore up (not sure why this helps, but it does).

Hot Grapefruit Juice Recipe: Cold Remedy

  • 2-3 pink grapefruits, sliced in half for juicing
  • ¾-1 cup hot water, depends on how strong you like the grapefruit flavor
  • 1-2 teaspoon sugar 1 teaspoon of local, raw, honey
  • Optional: 2-3 drops Grapefruit or Citrus Fresh essential oil (can be add to a little sprinkle of Himalayan pink sea salt for even disbursement)

Remove the large, visible seeds from the grapefruits.  Juice using a manual citrus juicer or electric citrus juicer.  Remove the smaller seeds that made it through the sieve.

Sprinkle a little sea salt into the bottom of your glass and add essential oils, if using. Pour juice into a glass or stainless steel cup or mug, add warm water & sugar honey. The amount of water & sugar honey will depend on your preference (do you like the strong grapefruit flavor, were your grapefruits potent and juicy, were they super sweet or mildly sweet?).  Stir and serve warm.

Prep time: 10 minutes

Makes: 24-ish ounces

** 12/2017 edits**

Since we’re all smarter and wiser now to what sugar does to your body, especially when sick, I’ve updated the recipe to omit the sugar (sorry mom!) and replace with local, raw, honey.  Also included an option for Grapefruit or Citrus Fresh essential oil which may help boost immunity, detox and energize!