About Me

Hi! My name is Phanneth…I’m a wife and working mom, Young Living essential oil lover {YL#3863971}, foodie, party planner, blogger & writer at heart.

I believe that a penny saved is a penny earned and time is best spent with the ones you love. I make easy, cost effective dishes that I’ve often “MacGyver’d” from the pantry. I come from a big family of 6 so I don’t know how to cook for less than an army. I love to entertain so my dishes are large-family friendly and always party ready. I like to take different versions of recipes smash them together and add my own spin!

These stories are of my family, my life, & our adventures…which are, of course, driven by things I love to cook (and eat!). I love to share my multi-tasking madness, my hilariously spunky kiddos, my foodie experiences, my hippie passion for essential oils and my time & money saving tips with you all!

These random ramblings, recipes & short stories are my little fireflies. They light up my life and I hope they can spark some inspiration for you as well. Or, if even just a good ol’ laugh ~ then I’ve done my job here.

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I’m married to the most amazing man in the world, Joel, who supports me no matter how crazy our lives (…or I) get! He’s the father of my three beautiful boys, {A}, {D} and {C}. I couldn’t dream up a more wonderful man. He’s 1000x more amazing, brilliant and stronger than any Prince Charming or Super Man out there. And he’s super-hot to boot (lucky me!).

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I love to read your comments on all of my posts and certainly welcome your feedback! Reach out to me anytime.

~ Comment your hearts out on any post/recipe that speaks to you (especially let me know your personal tweaks on my recipes, or if any of my ‘fireflies’ spark something with you).

I do moderate the comments (to keep out spam) so don’t freak when you don’t see your post right away! Shouldn’t take long before yours pops up. An email address is also required but is NOT published ~ this is just another anti-spam technique.


Love ya!


{ps: “Phanneth” is pronounced Pannette ~ just ignore the “h’s”.  I know you’ve been dying to ask!}

{pps: I am happy to do a product review if it fits into my lifestyle.  Most of my ‘favorites’ are just my honest opinions of products I personally love.  If you think I would love yours and want me to check it out, drop me a line.}

{ppps: photos on this page by Corrie Kraft Photography}