Chasing the Sun

I’m pretty sure I have a new addiction.  Sunsets and sunrises.  Ok, so not a new addiction, just something I’m realizing I’m more and more fascinated with as I’m getting older. I’m addicted to wanting to be in their gloriously beautiful presence and taking 5 minute mental vacations with them.  Letting the suns rays take […]

Khmer Food

We grew up eating rice (bai) with every meal.  Mom’s fried rice was a treat, and her noodle soup weekends were feasts!  Rice & steak, rice & pork chops, rice & fish (with mangoes and fish sauce), fried rice & pork chops (Dad’s breakfast specialty!), rice soup & Chinese sausages, etc…this list goes on and […]


Dear Friends, Please excuse my long hiatus from the blogging word!  Just returning from vacation and I’m having a hard time readjusting to reality and am still stuck on “Cambodian time” where it’s perfectly acceptable to be running late and a delay in things doesn’t really put anyone else out by much.  Where strangers smile […]