Summer Lovin’ {2013}

Oh, HI! Hello, there!  It’s me again.  Been quite awhile, huh?  Sorry for the unexpected sabbatical.  Lots of things going on with summer in full swing and two very active little kiddos. Let me catch you up as best I can: To kick things off, probably on maybe the 2nd day of spring that was […]


So, I’ve been absent from blogging this entire week ~ so busy at the office I didn’t even have a free evening to sneak in a post.  10+ hours a day, late nights, and even dreaming about work; yeah, it really takes it out of you. After a week of full on fiscal year end […]

T-Ball Time

This is the part of the story where I’m supposed to freak out about my baby growing up too fast, isn’t it?   This is kind of a big milestone for us.  Aiden is finally old enough for team sports so this is our first go at a rec center team league sporting event!  Well, let […]

Summer Fun Time

Well, not actually summer, but this past Sunday was the warmest day of early spring so far and we were not going to be cooped up indoors!  Aiden wanted to dust off his bike and take a spin around the block. He peddled his heart out and said, “I’m Lightening McQueen!  Watch out — zoooooom!”  […]