Soy & Brown Sugar Glazed Salmon Recipe

Well, here we are at another Fish Friday. I love seafood, so this is a nice for me to get to incorporate fish dishes into my week without Joel missing a steak! Today’s recipe is a super easy, super affordable, super tasty soy & brown sugar marinated salmon that is baked for only 15-20 minutes. […]

Protein Packed Spaghetti Squash Pad Thai Recipe

Hello, from Washington, DC!  I’m {M}…Phanneth’s little sister. I wanted to share this delicious and healthy recipe with everyone.  My husband is a fitness fanatic and we’re always looking for ways to pack more protein and fiber into our diets.  This recipe is perfect for those of you that are trying to become healthier in […]

Southwestern Chicken & Green Chile Stew

Stew?  In the middle of summer?  Yes, I’ve gotten a case of seasonal identity crisis.  Last week was a scorching 100+ degrees; this week we’re in the mid-80’s and it almost feels chilly! I was also in need of a soup to bring to a sick friend that would freeze well in case she doesn’t […]

Grilled Chicken Club Sandwiches

A chicken club sandwich alone is perfect for lunch, in my opinion. Add roasted garlic mayo & avocados and we’re taking this to a whole new level, friends. Acceptable to serve as a lunch AND a light dinner now in my book! A little prep work over the weekend and you’ll be able to throw […]

Pot Roast Recipe

Day 5 in Sickville quarantine and I’m tired of crackers, water and grapefruit juice.  You’d think I would have lost 10 pounds by now, but my winter stores have fared me a little too well.  Joel is about over this flu and being the good wife that I am, I figured I would throw down […]