Summer Lovin’ {2013}

Oh, HI! Hello, there!  It’s me again.  Been quite awhile, huh?  Sorry for the unexpected sabbatical.  Lots of things going on with summer in full swing and two very active little kiddos. Let me catch you up as best I can: To kick things off, probably on maybe the 2nd day of spring that was […]

Search for Santa!

I can’t believe we waited to what seems like the very last minute to visit Santa this year. With just 6 days left before Christmas, we decided to head out on a Santa search.  The boys wanted to tell him how good they’ve been!  And what they wanted for Christmas! And I have to tell […]

Time Out Bottle

Oh my sweet boys.  Now that Drew is 2 and can verbalize himself a bit more, Aiden isn’t as quick to lose his temper and get annoyed at his little brother. But it happens, and boys will be boys. Drew pushes Aiden’s buttons because Aiden knows he can’t be nasty back to his baby brother.  […]

Be Good Jar

Truth be told, I’ve been having a little trouble corralling the kiddos lately. Partly because they are 4.5 and 2 years old, and partly because I’ve need to search for my own patience and maybe look at the way I’m communicating (or not) with them. And mostly because I seem to always be in a […]

Pumpkin Day(s) 2012

Boo! I’m sure you all remember how obsessed I am with our annual Pumpkin Day field trip?!  We love Pumpkin Days so much we decided to do two this year. Well, we had to cut or original Pumpkin Day short due to freeeeezing cold weather (winter coats, hats, gloves, the whole sha-bang) so we decided […]

Ring Bear-er

I love getting the boys all dressed up for a special occasion.  Aiden had the honor of being the ring bearer for our friends Brandon & Alison’s wedding last month and gosh darn-it if he wasn’t the cutest ring bear-er I ever did see! My boys clean up pretty nice.  We got them hair cuts, […]

Camping at the Lake

We finally got to go camping this past weekend!  Finally able to put work on hold and bump fun & family to the top of our lists.  Finally able to get out of town and get some real fresh air. This annual camping trip is all about family.  The O’Brien family reunion @Alcova Lake to […]

Mom, I Just Love that Trailer

We’re finally dusting off the cobwebs and getting the camper ready for the summer.  So much for good intentions of taking the boys camping every weekend this summer.  In that department, we get a fail. We don’t actually have a car with an engine large enough to safely haul this baby We’ve been working our […]


So, I’ve been absent from blogging this entire week ~ so busy at the office I didn’t even have a free evening to sneak in a post.  10+ hours a day, late nights, and even dreaming about work; yeah, it really takes it out of you. After a week of full on fiscal year end […]


There is nothing more perfect for a near 90° day than a kiddy pool. With a slide. And yes, that is a pile of dirt on my back patio.  Long story; let’s just save it for another post. Please pretend you never saw it. Our private pool’s slide is really an elephant who is spraying water […]