Joel & The Gang

How did I get so lucky?  I just have to share this great picture of my brothers, my Joel and the twins. Although we’re missing a few key players, this is the best, eyes open, all smiling, no photo bombs picture of Joel & the Gang (like Kool & the Gang, get it? – I crack myself […]

THE Dress

I’m not going to lie here, if it weren’t for the sake and the endless sushi last night, I would have dug up my wedding dress, put that baby on and pranced around the house in it.  It was the Eve of my 5th anniversary and it certainly wouldn’t have been the first time I’ve wandered […]

Happy Birthday Joel!

I just want to tell you about an amazing man; a man that I’m lucky enough to call my husband.  He has seen my crazy and still loves me for it, he is devoted to his sons and his family and his faith.  He likes to tell me that I saved him, but really, folks, […]