Veggie Wash

I can’t help but sing the “Veggie Tales” theme song in my head when I use this on my  produce. This stuff is amazing ~ all natural, gluten free, vegetarian, non-toxic, etc, etc, etc…simply called, Veggie Wash.  Duh! It takes the grime off of grapes, it shines up berries, removes wax from cucumbers and bell peppers and […]


At first I was skeptical because I didn’t fully understand its privacy settings.  Once I figured out how to lock it down, I gained a little courage. And snapped a picture: …applied the Lux feature, and a filter, and I am now in love with Instagram-ing. So is my sweet Aiden 🙂 Found this one […]

Khmer Food

We grew up eating rice (bai) with every meal.  Mom’s fried rice was a treat, and her noodle soup weekends were feasts!  Rice & steak, rice & pork chops, rice & fish (with mangoes and fish sauce), fried rice & pork chops (Dad’s breakfast specialty!), rice soup & Chinese sausages, etc…this list goes on and […]

Best Brows

So beyond the embarrassment of having pink eye as an adult (not even contracted from my own kids), I had to face the public without eye makeup for a few days.  Embarrassing for me since I’ve been wearing some sort of eye makeup since I was 15, and horrific for the general public brave enough […]

Anti-Bacterial Hand Soap

I just love, LOVE, love these anti-bacterial hand soaps from Bath & Body Works.  I love them so much, they make my favorites list, and probably will multiple times over! I love that they release new flavors with each season, and bring back popular favorites for the Holidays. I love that they have a foam […]

My Favorites

In no particular order (except for #1 & #2), please hang with me as I over-do it here.  I’m all about full disclosure and thinking out loud.  If I like something, why not shout it out for others to know about or experience, right?! My boys My family My KitchenAid (my mixer and my food […]