Thanksgiving x2

Making Thanksgiving calories count.  That’s what matters when it comes to Thanksgiving food.  Eating full-on Thanksgiving dinners twice; once with Chans and then with Woods.  This takes 2 full days dedicated to each family to get this kind of no-holds barred eating done. No low-fat substitutions, no dieting; cheese alone and on everything. Fried turkeys […]


I am thankful for so many wonderful blessings that fill my life with so much happiness. I am overjoyed by the innocent, fearless, pure love and kindness that my boys show me each and every day.  And so proud of them for exhibiting those same emotions towards every person they interact with.  Other than the […]

Ba Ba Black Sheep

Aiden says the funniest things.  His latest is a custom interpretation of the nursery rhyme, “Ba Ba Black Sheep”: Ba Ba Black Sheep Any had-e more? Yes, Sir, yes! And three bags full One for the Mister One for the Day And one for the old kid who lives in the rain Ba Ba Black […]

DC at a Glance

Thank you, iPhone, for capturing these blurry pictures so I could share in my scrapbook (translation: looking to upgrade to a full-on big girl camera one of these days…just as soon as this blog takes off…)… I tried to crop out the lurker behind us, but can’t get rid of him without taking off the […]


Where most folks go to DC to visit the monuments, the museums or the memorials, I have to admit…I did not.  My brothers and I went out to see my lovely sister and to eat and drink our way through the city (my folks kept the kiddos).  We did visit the Lincoln Memorial at night […]