Papa Time

As my folks attempted to leave our house last weekend, Aiden broke down into tears and begged my dad to take him for an overnight stay.  “Papa ~ don’t go! Papa ~ can I go with you?!”  And then Drew chimes in with, “Papa, Papa, Papa! Nana, Nana, Nana!” These kiddos never give Papa a […]

Date Night!

“Date Night” doesn’t quite mean what it used to for me and Joel.  These days, we have a little shadow…or two…that joins us for dinner and a movie and eats all of my popcorn. Yes, my sweet little Aiden is a popcorn fiend!  He is as addicted to popcorn as I am to hash browns […]

Summer Fun Time

Well, not actually summer, but this past Sunday was the warmest day of early spring so far and we were not going to be cooped up indoors!  Aiden wanted to dust off his bike and take a spin around the block. He peddled his heart out and said, “I’m Lightening McQueen!  Watch out — zoooooom!”  […]


Meet Belle…our yellow lab.  She loves the snow and chasing snow balls. She loves the lake. The boys love to play with her, look out for her…and tease her. Yeah, that’s Drew trying to lick her.  Hey!  It keeps her young!  She doesn’t mind it at all.  Hahaha She’s very much an indoor dog.  Sheltered, […]

My Marcel

My sweet baby Drew is one-of-a-kind.  He’s certainly in a class of his own; feistier than an only child, spunkier than a teenager and funnier than the class clown. He’s a pacifier baby and I know I should start to take it away from him, but he’s just too adorable with it half hanging out […]

Happy (Chinese) New Year!

Believe it or not, I almost let my “too busy” get in the way of a family tradition.  I’ve had so much on my plate that I told my folks I couldn’t make it to dim sum this past weekend for Chinese New Year because I had “too much to do”. Joel’s jaw dropped and his […]

Grins & Giggles

Is it just me, or does it always look like Drew is up to something?  Translation: up to no good!  Considering he is the baby brother, you’d think he would be more mellow or mesmerized with what Aiden is up to and be more of a copycat.  But no!  He totally acts like an only […]

THE Dress

I’m not going to lie here, if it weren’t for the sake and the endless sushi last night, I would have dug up my wedding dress, put that baby on and pranced around the house in it.  It was the Eve of my 5th anniversary and it certainly wouldn’t have been the first time I’ve wandered […]

Happy Birthday Joel!

I just want to tell you about an amazing man; a man that I’m lucky enough to call my husband.  He has seen my crazy and still loves me for it, he is devoted to his sons and his family and his faith.  He likes to tell me that I saved him, but really, folks, […]

Toy Story on Ice

So we took Aiden and our niece, Callie, to the Toy Story on Ice show at the Pepsi Center.  They LOVED it. They just weren’t sure what to expect at first.  Callie, who is the older cousin, kept asking why the people didn’t just walk on their feet (instead of skate on the ice).  Aiden […]