Pork & Green Chile Chimichangas

These baked pork and green chili chimichangas are so good they’ll knock your socks off.  You won’t miss that they aren’t fried, and you can make them in advance and in bulk.  Heck, you can even make them dinner sized using a larger tortilla or appetizer sized like I did. You can even freeze them […]

Fried Ravioli

Some days I rack my brain thinking up appetizers to bring to a party.  Most days, though, they’re a result of an insane craving that’s been nagging at me and a party is the perfect excuse to whip it up and share. This week’s craving started out with cheese…of course!  But then it moved to […]

Cheesy Corn Cups Recipe

Heading to a playoff game party and need a quick & easy appetizer to share?  This easy, cheesy, corn cup recipe is a major crowd pleaser at our house; it flies off the serving tray faster than I can get them plated and off of the baking sheets! We’ve been forced to make a milder […]