Hello Dolly Recipe

Well, hello Dolly. I fell in love with this sinfully delicious, decadent and oh so gooey dessert, literally, from first bite.  You might call it a cookie bar, or a type of brownie.  I’m just going to call it GOOD. Thanks to my friend Kellie, who quickly rattled off the list of ingredients she used, […]

Homemade Peanut Butter Cups Recipe

This election has my stomach in knots. So stressed out that I rummaged through the kitchen looking for something to make to take my mind off of the live news feed Joel had running in the living room. Last week, after my Halloween binging, I’d had my mind set on homemade peanut butter cups.  Mostly […]

Best Snickerdoodles Recipe

There is something about the smell of cinnamon and sugar that can warm a chilly fall day in no time.  After our first freezing day at the pumpkin patch I decided to whip up a batch of the Best Snickerdoodles to warm my babies right up! I’m a simple cookie kind of gal.  Not much […]

Buttercream Mints

I’m still seeing pink and it has been almost a week since Phanny & Amanda’s baby shower!  I have tons of these pink buttercream mints left over.  I would have TONS & tons, but I’m pretty sure I single handed-ly ate the first ton. I also got lots of compliments on these homemade buttercream mints […]

Monkey Bread

I really had every intention of being a superstar employee this week but Aiden came down with a nasty bug late Sunday and I had to put on my Super Mom cape and put work on the back burner Monday morning.  Which means I tend to my sickie but still monitor work emails for emergencies […]

Easy Buttermilk Pie Recipe

That’s right friends; I’m putting buttermilk in a pie.  It’s easy, it’s rich, it’s decadent and it’s amazingly delicious.  Plus, I had some leftover from homemade biscuits so I figured I’d better not let it go to waste. I must have read through 20+ different recipes with tons of different variations.  I’m not technically southern (I […]

Lemon Bars Recipe

I’ve read a ton of lemon bar recipes (yes, this gal reads cookbooks like others read novels).  I’ve taste-tested a gazillion lemon bars (it’s a requirement of mine to never pass up a lemon bar that stares me in the face).  I’m now ready to publish this lemon bar recipe and call it the best. […]