CKP Family Photo Session {2013}

We were so fortunate to have the amazing, the lovely and the talented Corrie Kraft snap our family photos again this year. Well, ok, you all know I’m totally addicted to her photography.  I love getting my boys dressed up in color-coordinating “Joel” shirts and I love watching them turn into little camera hams.  I […]

Summer Lovin’ {2013}

Oh, HI! Hello, there!  It’s me again.  Been quite awhile, huh?  Sorry for the unexpected sabbatical.  Lots of things going on with summer in full swing and two very active little kiddos. Let me catch you up as best I can: To kick things off, probably on maybe the 2nd day of spring that was […]

Cathedral Doors

I just love old cathedral doors. Everything about them. The heavy, distressed wood. The intricate brass or iron framework. The stonework surrounding the door frame.  And the simple beauty it gives the entrance into church. This is a doorway to a cathedral in NYC; possibly the Cathedral of St. John the Divine (I failed to […]

Corrie Kraft Photography {Lifestyle Photographer}

I am beyond obsessed with Corrie Kraft and her photography style.  I long to be as talented as she is and practically stalk her blog to keep up with her cool new photos. We had the good fortune to have my whole family in town for a weekend just after Thanksgiving and before Christmas, thus […]

Pumpkin Day(s) 2012

Boo! I’m sure you all remember how obsessed I am with our annual Pumpkin Day field trip?!  We love Pumpkin Days so much we decided to do two this year. Well, we had to cut or original Pumpkin Day short due to freeeeezing cold weather (winter coats, hats, gloves, the whole sha-bang) so we decided […]

Weekend in Winter Park : A Photo Session

I love Colorado!  There is nothing (NOTHING) like a weekend drive up the mountain in the fall as the leaves are changing and the air is getting crisper and cooler.  Fall is coming!! We had the opportunity to spend the weekend in Winter Park with my in-laws recently and took in the beauty of Colorado’s […]

Ring Bear-er

I love getting the boys all dressed up for a special occasion.  Aiden had the honor of being the ring bearer for our friends Brandon & Alison’s wedding last month and gosh darn-it if he wasn’t the cutest ring bear-er I ever did see! My boys clean up pretty nice.  We got them hair cuts, […]

Baby Shower Extravaganza

Y’all know that I love to throw over-the-top parties and showers.  It runs in my family.  Put Mom, my sister, and I in a room together planning for big brother Phanny & his wife Amanda’s baby shower and you would have to call it more of an extravaganza than just a shower. Add to that […]

Toy Story on Ice

So we took Aiden and our niece, Callie, to the Toy Story on Ice show at the Pepsi Center.  They LOVED it. They just weren’t sure what to expect at first.  Callie, who is the older cousin, kept asking why the people didn’t just walk on their feet (instead of skate on the ice).  Aiden […]

Thanksgiving x2

Making Thanksgiving calories count.  That’s what matters when it comes to Thanksgiving food.  Eating full-on Thanksgiving dinners twice; once with Chans and then with Woods.  This takes 2 full days dedicated to each family to get this kind of no-holds barred eating done. No low-fat substitutions, no dieting; cheese alone and on everything. Fried turkeys […]