Walk A Mile…to Fight Breast Cancer

Saturday hit 102° but that didn’t stop us!  “Walk A Mile in Their Shoes :: A High Heel Cancer Walk” was a local walk that took place at the same time as Avon’s 40 mile walk in Colorado this weekend and supported our very good friend Stephanie, who is fiercely fighting, and her family. Joel & I […]

Come Next Monday

Most days I don’t get a chance to leave the office and take a break. Lately, I’ve been packing my gym shoes, yoga pants and a tank top and scheduling in a break to get some fresh air.  Because y’all know I don’t really need to run out for fast food on my lunch.  What […]

Walk for Breast Cancer

This is a subject very dear to my heart, and also very personal for most of you.  These days almost every one of us knows someone who has been diagnosed with breast cancer.  Or cancer in general for that matter. I want to encourage you all to get involved and support the strongest fighters out there.  Our moms, […]

Weeds & Wild Flowers

Roaming around the yard a few weekends ago I found these beautifully colorful wild flowers…er, weeds. How can you tell the difference?  What makes this a weed and not a wild flower? Well, for starters, Joel said so.  Second, they were growing in the middle of my patch of grass in the yard so surely […]


At first I was skeptical because I didn’t fully understand its privacy settings.  Once I figured out how to lock it down, I gained a little courage. And snapped a picture: …applied the Lux feature, and a filter, and I am now in love with Instagram-ing. So is my sweet Aiden 🙂 Found this one […]

Stink Eye

What’s worse than missing your flight out to a very important partner event? Making your flight only to catch stink eye, er, I mean pink eye from the plane and having to be quarantined to your hotel room and forced to miss the welcome reception and the whiteboard event that your company is sponsoring! …AND […]

Leprechaun Trap

Happy St. Patty’s Day Eve!  I think every holiday, event or day worth celebrating should have an ‘Eve’.  For example, Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve, Friday Eve (Thursday) and now St. Patrick’s Day Eve! I have to stop myself from doing everything in shades of green for St. Patty’s and overdoing it.  Good thing I […]


Meet Belle…our yellow lab.  She loves the snow and chasing snow balls. She loves the lake. The boys love to play with her, look out for her…and tease her. Yeah, that’s Drew trying to lick her.  Hey!  It keeps her young!  She doesn’t mind it at all.  Hahaha She’s very much an indoor dog.  Sheltered, […]

White Wine Sangria Recipe

What’s a baby shower without a little sangria?  Not for mother-to-be, of course, but for the guests!  I believe the guests deserve to be showered as well, and the more food and drinks, the better.  OH!  And the decorations. Over-the-top is kind of required for showers, in my opinion; there was so much pink in […]

Happy (Chinese) New Year!

Believe it or not, I almost let my “too busy” get in the way of a family tradition.  I’ve had so much on my plate that I told my folks I couldn’t make it to dim sum this past weekend for Chinese New Year because I had “too much to do”. Joel’s jaw dropped and his […]