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Breathe Chest Rub aka Croup Goop

Fall brings beautifully chilly weather, colorful leaves and fun autumn activities.  It also brings a terrible croupy cough to our family.  And once it hits one of the boys, guaranteed it’s going to get them all. All of my boys have asthma induced by colds.  Once they catch the tiniest cough I can expect that […]

Oven Roasted Balsamic Brussels Sprouts

Some nights are just roasted brussels sprouts kind of nights.  Last night was one of them.  I know there are all kinds of fancy bacon, cheese, lemon juice add-ons, and goodness knows I love all of them.  But when you’ve got a Costco sized bag you need to quickly roast (read: expiration date quickly approaching) and […]

Best Zucchini Bread Recipe

Did your garden spit out some ridiculously sized zucchini like mine did?  Good golly, did we get some giants out of the garden this year! Perfect for grilling, perfect for snacking on raw, and PERFECT for fall traditions of making the best zucchini bread ever. The hardest part about making zucchini bread is grating the […]