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Weekend in Winter Park : A Photo Session

I love Colorado!  There is nothing (NOTHING) like a weekend drive up the mountain in the fall as the leaves are changing and the air is getting crisper and cooler.  Fall is coming!! We had the opportunity to spend the weekend in Winter Park with my in-laws recently and took in the beauty of Colorado’s […]


When Joel asked me if I wanted to go ‘halves’ on a bushel of fresh roasted green chiles with his mom this past weekend, I didn’t think twice. Heck yes, I do!  Fresh is waaaaaaay better than canned, hands down! We drove out to meet her at Palombo’s Roadside Market in Brighton to see what […]

Ring Bear-er

I love getting the boys all dressed up for a special occasion.  Aiden had the honor of being the ring bearer for our friends Brandon & Alison’s wedding last month and gosh darn-it if he wasn’t the cutest ring bear-er I ever did see! My boys clean up pretty nice.  We got them hair cuts, […]

Banana Bread

For some reason bananas are hit and miss with my boys.  Some weeks they can’t get enough of them and others I end up with a surplus slowly turning brown and black in my fruit basket.  That surplus resulted in the need to find something to do with smushy bananas that didn’t include throwing money […]

Cucumber Salad

A cucumber is a cucumber is a cucumber.  Until you’ve had it with celery seed.  Which I lucked upon one night at dinner at our fabulous neighbor’s home.  And then daydreamed about for weeks after. Something about the combination of celery seed and sweet vinegar mixed with garden fresh cucumbers and onions lingered in my […]