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Mom, I Just Love that Trailer

We’re finally dusting off the cobwebs and getting the camper ready for the summer.  So much for good intentions of taking the boys camping every weekend this summer.  In that department, we get a fail. We don’t actually have a car with an engine large enough to safely haul this baby We’ve been working our […]

Buttercream Mints

I’m still seeing pink and it has been almost a week since Phanny & Amanda’s baby shower!  I have tons of these pink buttercream mints left over.  I would have TONS & tons, but I’m pretty sure I single handed-ly ate the first ton. I also got lots of compliments on these homemade buttercream mints […]

Marble Magnets

I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am that I took on a DIY craft and actually finished it.  Yes, that’s right folks.  I went to the craft store and made something with my own two hands! Not just one something, 50 little somethings that I decided to use as baby shower […]

Baby Shower Extravaganza

Y’all know that I love to throw over-the-top parties and showers.  It runs in my family.  Put Mom, my sister, and I in a room together planning for big brother Phanny & his wife Amanda’s baby shower and you would have to call it more of an extravaganza than just a shower. Add to that […]

Monkey Bread

I really had every intention of being a superstar employee this week but Aiden came down with a nasty bug late Sunday and I had to put on my Super Mom cape and put work on the back burner Monday morning.  Which means I tend to my sickie but still monitor work emails for emergencies […]

Southwestern Chicken & Green Chile Stew

Stew?  In the middle of summer?  Yes, I’ve gotten a case of seasonal identity crisis.  Last week was a scorching 100+ degrees; this week we’re in the mid-80’s and it almost feels chilly! I was also in need of a soup to bring to a sick friend that would freeze well in case she doesn’t […]

Fried Ravioli

Some days I rack my brain thinking up appetizers to bring to a party.  Most days, though, they’re a result of an insane craving that’s been nagging at me and a party is the perfect excuse to whip it up and share. This week’s craving started out with cheese…of course!  But then it moved to […]


So, I’ve been absent from blogging this entire week ~ so busy at the office I didn’t even have a free evening to sneak in a post.  10+ hours a day, late nights, and even dreaming about work; yeah, it really takes it out of you. After a week of full on fiscal year end […]