Archives for March 2012

Best Brows

So beyond the embarrassment of having pink eye as an adult (not even contracted from my own kids), I had to face the public without eye makeup for a few days.  Embarrassing for me since I’ve been wearing some sort of eye makeup since I was 15, and horrific for the general public brave enough […]

Stink Eye

What’s worse than missing your flight out to a very important partner event? Making your flight only to catch stink eye, er, I mean pink eye from the plane and having to be quarantined to your hotel room and forced to miss the welcome reception and the whiteboard event that your company is sponsoring! …AND […]

Easy Corned Beef Recipe

It’s not St. Patrick’s Day at our house without corned beef & cabbage.  In excess.  Meaning, we have to have enough for dinner, enough for 2nds, enough for Reuben sandwiches, and if I’m feeling generous, enough for corned beef hash the following morning. I know corned beef isn’t traditionally Irish, but it’s traditionally Irish-American and […]

Leprechaun Trap

Happy St. Patty’s Day Eve!  I think every holiday, event or day worth celebrating should have an ‘Eve’.  For example, Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve, Friday Eve (Thursday) and now St. Patrick’s Day Eve! I have to stop myself from doing everything in shades of green for St. Patty’s and overdoing it.  Good thing I […]

Date Night!

“Date Night” doesn’t quite mean what it used to for me and Joel.  These days, we have a little shadow…or two…that joins us for dinner and a movie and eats all of my popcorn. Yes, my sweet little Aiden is a popcorn fiend!  He is as addicted to popcorn as I am to hash browns […]

Summer Fun Time

Well, not actually summer, but this past Sunday was the warmest day of early spring so far and we were not going to be cooped up indoors!  Aiden wanted to dust off his bike and take a spin around the block. He peddled his heart out and said, “I’m Lightening McQueen!  Watch out — zoooooom!”  […]