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White Wine Sangria Recipe

What’s a baby shower without a little sangria?  Not for mother-to-be, of course, but for the guests!  I believe the guests deserve to be showered as well, and the more food and drinks, the better.  OH!  And the decorations. Over-the-top is kind of required for showers, in my opinion; there was so much pink in […]

Happy (Chinese) New Year!

Believe it or not, I almost let my “too busy” get in the way of a family tradition.  I’ve had so much on my plate that I told my folks I couldn’t make it to dim sum this past weekend for Chinese New Year because I had “too much to do”. Joel’s jaw dropped and his […]

French Toast

In a pinch, frozen french toast sticks works just fine for my boys.  But on the weekends, when they’ve got a little patience and can busy themselves with toys still cozied up in their jammies, homemade french toast definitely makes the menu. Aiden is partial to monkey bread and he loves to help me throw […]

Pot Roast Recipe

Day 5 in Sickville quarantine and I’m tired of crackers, water and grapefruit juice.  You’d think I would have lost 10 pounds by now, but my winter stores have fared me a little too well.  Joel is about over this flu and being the good wife that I am, I figured I would throw down […]

Cold/Flu Remedy: Hot Grapefruit Juice

Strep has been ruled out, but the flu was not.  Drew was kicked out of school with a nasty virus on Thursday morning (running a temp of 102), by late evening Joel had come down with it, and by mid-day Friday, I started to feel it coming on.  Up until 6pm Sunday, Aiden was the […]

Roasted Brussels Sprouts Recipe

We do eat vegetables in this family, really, we do!  And lately, I’ve been craving a particularly super cute, super little green veg that packs a combo punch of vitamins C & K AND is loaded with fiber…can you name it? Oh!  You’ll never guess.  It’s not your common table green and it has gotten […]

Grins & Giggles

Is it just me, or does it always look like Drew is up to something?  Translation: up to no good!  Considering he is the baby brother, you’d think he would be more mellow or mesmerized with what Aiden is up to and be more of a copycat.  But no!  He totally acts like an only […]

Cheesy Corn Cups Recipe

Heading to a playoff game party and need a quick & easy appetizer to share?  This easy, cheesy, corn cup recipe is a major crowd pleaser at our house; it flies off the serving tray faster than I can get them plated and off of the baking sheets! We’ve been forced to make a milder […]

THE Dress

I’m not going to lie here, if it weren’t for the sake and the endless sushi last night, I would have dug up my wedding dress, put that baby on and pranced around the house in it.  It was the Eve of my 5th anniversary and it certainly wouldn’t have been the first time I’ve wandered […]

Fresh Salsa Recipe

Is that a pot of fresh salsa on my stove?  Why yes, dear readers, it is.  Cooking the ingredients together is the first part of my secret to making this the best (and easiest!) salsa recipe ever.  You may end up with garlic breath, but it is so worth it. Grab some tomatoes (including 1 […]