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Happy Birthday Joel!

I just want to tell you about an amazing man; a man that I’m lucky enough to call my husband.  He has seen my crazy and still loves me for it, he is devoted to his sons and his family and his faith.  He likes to tell me that I saved him, but really, folks, […]

English Toffee Recipe

English toffee is one of my all-time favorite Christmas treats to make and share. Once upon a time, long, long ago, a dear family friend shared her recipe with me…back when I thought I could remember everything FOREVER…so I abbreviated here and there.  Back when thought that awesome memory of mine would never forget where […]

Chili Mac Recipe

You can call this Chili Mac recipe anything you want.  It has many aliases: chili mac, cowboy macaroni, homemade Hamburger Helper, Beefy Mac Daddy…it’s heard ’em all. Whatever you chose to call it, it surely will reside in your comfort food category.  This hearty supper will warm up any cold day and these ingredients are […]

Toy Story on Ice

So we took Aiden and our niece, Callie, to the Toy Story on Ice show at the Pepsi Center.  They LOVED it. They just weren’t sure what to expect at first.  Callie, who is the older cousin, kept asking why the people didn’t just walk on their feet (instead of skate on the ice).  Aiden […]

Then & Now

I’ve been feeling pretty nostalgic lately.  It might just be this time of year…Joel and I started dating in December, so when the snow falls and the hustle and bustle of Christmas is upon us, it takes me back to our first year of dating.  Waaaaay back… Wow, we were kids! We had a puppy! […]

My Favorites

In no particular order (except for #1 & #2), please hang with me as I over-do it here.  I’m all about full disclosure and thinking out loud.  If I like something, why not shout it out for others to know about or experience, right?! My boys My family My KitchenAid (my mixer and my food […]