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Birth Date?

So every time I call up the doc to make an appointment for a sick kiddo the gal asks me what their birth date is.  And every time I draw a complete blank for 2.3 seconds and respond with an, “uh…” and then fumble for the correct year.  Even when I have to verify the […]

I Heart Food

I think it’s time for my first food post, eh? I love food, have I told you that already?  I am so in love with food that I’ll never reach my goal weight.  Even if I were close, my nose would sniff out some deliciously fried carbohydrate, a seafood bake or a freshly uncorked bottle […]

Pumpkin Day 2011

This day is such a big deal to me, I don’t even know if I can express all of the fun I expect to get out of this day in one tiny little blog post… It used to be that Joel and I would lazily roll out of bed (likely hung over), hit the drive-thru […]

Sweet Pea

After all this time, I still catch myself counting the boys’ fingers and toes.  Not for any reason in particular, but just to know they are there for me to count.  I always start with the big toe and work my way to the little pinky toe.  The balls of Drew’s little toes, when curled […]