Whirley POP Giveaway {Winner!}

Thank you for the entries and the super cute comments on what you all do for family fun night!  Popcorn, or course, stole the show; although I loved the inflatable pool and lobster tails ideas, too! 🙂

The random winner of the Whirley Pop popcorn maker is:

#6 ~ Kendra Smith: We cook dinner together and play games. Homemade pizza is our fav!

Congratulations, Kendra!  Contact me at phanneth@fireflytales.net with your shipping info to claim your prize!


One of my favorite nights of the week is family movie night.  Well, popcorn night, to be exact!

My dear friend, Danielle turned me onto fresh popped popcorn using her stove-top, hand crank popper.  Light, fresh, crisp & drizzled with freshly melted butter and topped with super fine popcorn salt.



There is nothing in the world like fresh popped popcorn.



There is nothing in the world like an old fashioned, stove-top Whirley Pop!



The handle stays cool to the touch and the hand-crank is a safe distance away from the heat source, ie. safe enough for me to let Aiden help me operate it.



Turning the handle moves the popcorn kernels (1/2 cup)  and oil (as little as 1 tablespoon!) to ensure an even heat and pop.  The lid is vented to let out steam but keep the oil from splashing out.  Whirley Pop makes perfect popcorn every time.  As little as only 2-3 un-popped kernels!

So throw those microwave bags out and get fresh! 

This is something you have to experience.  And once you do, you’ll never go back to microwaving.  Leave that filmy fake buttery oily topping behind!



It takes only 3-4 minutes for a bowl full of awesomeness.  Make the switch ~ your family will thank you, I promise.

So today, because Firefly Tales got to 100+ LIKES on Facebook, and because I have some of the blogging world’s awesome-est readers, I’m giving away a stove-top Whirley Pop to one lucky reader.

It could be you!


To enter:

1) Leave me a comment on the blog (below) answering the question:

What does your family do on Family Fun night?

2)Like‘ the Firefly Tales Facebook page and copy/paste your answer into the comments on FB!

Do you play Scrabble?  Do you make dinner together?  Do you watch movies?  Do you rock climb?  Do you go out to eat?  It can be anything!

Just shout it out in the comments below and make sure to stop by to ‘LIKE’ the Facebook page and share the giveaway.

1 random winner will be announced Saturday night!  Good Luck!


**Giveaway is not sponsored by Whirley Pop ~ I’m just a good popcorn addict who wants to share some popcorn love**


  1. We lounge around, relax, and EAT POPCORN! (I’m not kidding!!)

  2. We like to play Bananagrams, make yummy food, have a few drinks and a lot of laughs!

    Also, I LOVE popcorn 🙂

  3. Saturday night is our family night, look forward to it every week! We make dinner together, rent a couple movies, and eat popcorn! 🙂

  4. Jennifer T says:

    We’ve actually taken our toddler swimming pool and inflated it in our living room, filled it with pillows and blankets, and we read books, sing, and then end the night with a movie where we fall asleep in the swimming pool!

  5. If we can stay awake we enjoy watching movies or a couple if shows on Hulu or Netflix. I used to pop popcorn in the pan on the stove using coconut oil (yum!) but have become lazy with it…maybe we need a fun popper! 🙂

  6. We cook dinner together and play games. Homemade pizza is our fav!

  7. Jordan Dunne says:

    MY family loves game nights! Last night we had my grandmother over for Trivial Pursuit and some pizza, it was a great Friday night in 🙂

  8. Our perfect family fun night consists of splurging on some delicious lobster tails from Safeway, along with quinoa and kale salad. That’s followed by relaxing in the family room with either a rented movie from onDemand or catching up on the next episode of Downton Abbey. Freshly popped popcorn is icing on the cake!

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